Natasha Romanoff + weapons


Look, I didn’t want you doing anything you weren’t comfortable with. Agent Romanoff is comfortable with everything.

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Female Heroes (01/?) → Black Widow

Just human behavior. It’s all about calculating how willfully blind a person is going to be. And then exploiting that.


Bang Bang, motherf**ker

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"We’re not the studios, so we don’t have the full picture. But we would welcome that on the publishing side. I text Kevin Feige every day about that, I think it’s probably getting annoying. But you’re not the first person to show up in costume as Black Widow who had no idea who she was before the movie. Please read Nathan’s story, too - it’s so good!"

—Alonso, re: a fan question of “Is Marvel thinking of making a Black Widow movie?” (source)

I didn’t hear this in person (I was in or waiting for a different Marvel panel at the time), but this is literally the only update I heard all con about even a chance of a Black Widow movie, so whoever asked this, if you’re following here, thank you for representing for the team so nicely.


NATALIA & NATASHA: a journey (listen)

there are wolves in the night. the soldiers would say that, when i was a girl. my uncles and brothers, in war. my friends, raising me on the battlefield because there was nowhere else to go. there are wolves, they would say. and there are stories about wolves and girls. girls in red. all alone in the woods. about to get eaten up. wolves and girls. both have sharp teeth. 

RUSSIA: romance in f minor, op.5 - tchaikovsky; paradox - hans zimmer; cinderella’s waltz - prokofiev; girl with one eye - florence & the machine; après moi - regina spektor

AMERICA: mind if i cut in - hans zimmer; change (acoustic) - churchill; terrible things - april smith and the great picture show; glory and gore - lorde; merchant prince - thomas bergersen

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natasha romanoff + tv tropes

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"I didn’t care whom I used it for, or on."